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Hiring and talent networks

Help your network source and engage talent

Support your network with hiring and access to talent networks. Bridge helps talent teams...

  • Introduce talent
  • Share curated lists
  • Share event attendees
  • Source hidden candidates
  • Close the loop
  • Track OKRs and KPIs
  • Find warm intros and references
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Hiring and talent networks

Help your network source and engage talent

Support your network with hiring and access to talent networks. Bridge helps talent teams...

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Introduce talent

Using Bridge's intro links and opt-in flows can make it easier for talent professionals to connect candidates with hiring managers.

By tracking all of your introductions, you can avoid the hassle of managing the opt-in process and focus more on building more relationships with candidates and hiring managers.

Share curated lists

As you meet candidates and learn about their areas of expertise, what they're looking for in their next role, their salary expectations, and more, you can add them to your talent and expert network groups. You can then share these groups with hiring managers who can easily filter by connection status, see common connections and request intros. Your initial groups might include:

  1. Executive talent group
  2. Advisor and experts groups (i.e. "Marketing experts")
  3. Vetted recruitment consultants.

Share event attendees

Include Bridge intro-links on attendees' profiles or in event materials to facilitate introductions and networking before and after an event. Use Bridge groups to allow attendees see common connections, intro-paths and keep up to date as people are added to an event or update their profile.

Source hidden candidates

Help thousands of visitors on your website or community to find their dream job. Automatically capture all the information you need to vet and add applications to your talent lists on Bridge. Share with your community so they can review applications, see common connections, and request introductions.

There’s over 100 startups in our portfolio, and more than 1000 open roles from internships to senior leadership, from software engineers to product managers and from marketing to sales. Our programs have connected talent to epic roles with Canva, SafetyCulture, Propeller, Carted, See-Mode, Instant, Kinde and Edrolo to name a few. If you’re hungry for a career in startups, you can join our Lilypad to get in front of our founders, or sign up to our other talent programs. Talent Program website

Close the loop

Learn how every introduction went by capturing quantitive and qualitative feedback on every introduction. See the bigger picture by collating all feedback on candidates and hiring managers into one easy to see score and collection of comments. Review and remove candidates who have consistently poor feedback or coach hiring managers on how they can improve their perception with candidates.

Track OKRs and KPIs

See how many talent connections have been requested and completed between candidates and hiring managers. Understand how many connections are being made per quarter, which candidates are in demand, and what type of candidates your hiring managers are looking to meet. Use this data to further develop your strategy and to see if a candidate was hired.

Some teams use connection data as proxy for how many interviews they have helped facilitate and to later track how many positions they have helped fill. They use this data to calculate potential cost savings for hiring managers in terms of recruitment fees and time spent sourcing.

Find warm intros and references

Identify who in your network is best placed to help with warm intros or reference checks on candidates as they apply to join your talent network. See who in your network is already connected to them, or find connections who might have worked with them at past organisations.

Are we missing anything?

We’re constantly updating and sharing use cases and best practices from our member community. Let us know if there are any use cases or examples we’ve missed. Equally if you need more information let us know via Intercom in the app.

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