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Give your founders a network advantage by helping founders and their teams access customers, talent, mentors and capital. Manage your growing network on one custom network platform.The most helpful Accelerators, Incubators and Founder networks trust Bridge to connect their networks

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Accelerators trust Bridge to connect their networks
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The best accelerators are network driven

We’re a network platform that is transforming how accelerators think about network and founder support.

An exceptional founder experience

  • Design, develop and deliver an exceptional founder experience from onboarding to all the way to IPO
  • Provide 24/7 portfolio support where and when they need access to your network
  • Drive the growth of the platform by staying on top of best practices to ultimately drive your founders' success and happiness.

Connect founders with opportunities

  • Curate and share your investor network by sector/stage focus, investment check size, and feedback
  • Organise and engage mentor networks
  • Showcase your portfolio on demo days and interactive look books
  • Develop and share strategic partnerships (e.g. business development and vendor deals).

Bring founders together

  • Support founders and their teams in making connections amongst the wider portfolio network.
  • Collaborate and coordinate Founder and Operator-themed gatherings, in person and online

Develop Feedback loops

  • Develop feedback loops so your firm can continue to best serve the needs of your Founders and the tech community.
  • Iterate and improve regular engagement practices for the team to engage with portfolio network frequently.
  • Identify needs and trends that resonate with your portfolio
  • Measure and report the ROI/outcomes of community engagements with portfolio companies, key stakeholders, and partners (including NPS, sentiment, etc.)

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