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No-code directories

No-code directories

People and relationships are the heart of every community, portfolio or alumni network. Replaces static spreadsheets or clunky CRMs with an easy to use and dynamic directory that leverages network intelligence. This makes your network more personal, relevant and accessible while reducing the work needed to manage and help your network.

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Filter by connection

Easily see who you know and who you don’t. No more scrolling through static lists looking for common connections. See how your network is evolving over time.

See intro paths

Make your network more accessible by allowing members to see relationships that were previously hidden. Replace static Airtables and lists with a networked platform that understands relationships and can show intro paths. This helps members access more connections and connectors.

Collaborate with colleagues

Invite colleagues and community members to manage groups, share introduction activity and access group insights.

Easy to manage

Directly add people to your groups or import existing directories in seconds. Invite links allow you to paste and pin invites into existing channels like WhatsApp, Telegram or Slack to easily build directories.

Track activity

See all the introductions and requests made in relation to the people in the group. Individuals can keep track of their own introductions, while managers can see all the introductions made by other managers in a group.


Insights include breakdowns of members by connection status, role, location etc…

Managers can also see dashboards of intro activity and feedback across the team and metrics around who has been requesting, making and accepting the most introductions.

This helps teams understand real-time engagement levels across the group.

See connectors

The connectors tab makes it easy for people to see all the other people in their wider personal networks who know the people in this group. This can help people identify who they might want to talk with to learn more about this group or who might be best placed to connect them. It can also help identify other people that might want to be added to the group either to the list itself or as a manager.


Member can easily subscribe to groups to learn about new members or changes to the group. This helps drive engagement and makes it easier to keep track of network changes.

Access global profiles

Bridge profiles are updated every time a member connects anywhere on Bridge. This helps keep member directories up to date and current. Saving time and keeping your data more up to date.

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