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Bridge for Airtable

Are you using Airtable to manage your community directory? If so you will love our Airtable integration as it increases community engagement 3-10x.

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How communities are using Airtable and Bridge

We’ve driven $20M+ into founders’ hands by making 1,000+ warm introductions.

Joey Womack, Founder of Goodie Nation (read blog post here)

We had over 400 completed intros in our first 3 weeks. Without Bridge, we could not have pulled off the Climate Draft Experiment.

Jonathan Strauss, Founder of Climate Draft

Our portfolio companies were able to fill 60 roles and save over $3 million in recruitment spend

Nell Hardie, People Lead at

Techstars, Outlier Ventures and Third Derivative helped their founders fundraise faster. They all see huge increases in engagement within weeks of integrating Bridge with 1,000s of founders, investors and mentors connected.

Add intro buttons to Airtable

Make your Airtable directories more engaging by embedding intro requests directly in Airtable. Simply add one link from Bridge to make your directory more interactive and useful. Learn more about how to add intro links.

Review and connect

Connect people with ease. Bridge manages all the asks, opt-ins, followups and admin so you can focus on adding personal touches, context and vouches to every intro. Learn more about opt-in introduction flows.

Close the loop

Understand outcomes from every connection you make. Receive feedback automatically and learn if you’re building or burning bridges. Measure what matters. See what was previously invisible, unlock new insights, KPIs and OKRs and understand the power of your network. Learn more about analytics and intro feedback.

Scale and automate

If you don’t have an Airtable directory you can copy and customise our ready to go Airtable template to get started in minutes. You can then use Zapier to keep Bridge and your directory in sync as you add more people. Leverage BCC and webhooks to sync introduction data with your CRM, Slack or and any other systems. Learn more about our API and automations.

A screenshot of our Bridge Airtable template in the Airtable universe
A screenshot of Zapier showing how Zapier triggers work with Bridge and Airtable

Go beyond Airtable

Why stop there? With tools like Softr, Pory, Stacker, and others, you can design an easy-to-use platform page on top of your Airtable as your database. The Bridge integration works great within these no-code tools!

You can also integrate Bridge with Notion, Google Sheets, your website CMS and more! Feel free to contact us at if you’re not sure how your community tools can integrate with Bridge.

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