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API and automations

API and automations

Access your network anywhere with our API, Webhooks, extension and automations

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Interact with Bridge from anywhere using our API. Sync Bridge with your CRM or embed your network into your existing tools and workflows.


Use Bridge events to trigger other workflows outside Bridge using Webhooks

No code integrations

Easily integrate Bridge with 5,000 other applications and workflows using no code platforms like Zapier


Route completed introductions to your CRM using a simple BCC

Contact Syncing

Automatically sync contacts via your email address books

Browser extension

The Bridge Chrome extension brings your network into the browser, helping you access dream customers, great investors, top talent and knowledge from anywhere. Learn more about Browser extension

Opt-in workflows

Bridge automates the opt in management process and the scheduling or reminders and feedback requests. Learn more about Opt in intro workflows and Intro feedback (nps for intros)

Smart pipelines

Bridge automatically calculates introduction paths and surfaces introduction requests that you might be able to help with via your network connections. Learn more about Smart Pipelines

Bridge Profiles

Bridge automatically updates your network address book every time a member in your network creates or updates their profile anywhere on Bridge.

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