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Intro feedback

Intro feedback (nps for intros)

The best introductions are thoughtful, timely and mutually beneficial. By helping close the loop, you can make better and more impactful introductions in the future.

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Close the loop

After every introduction, Bridge can automatically send feedback requests to everyone introduced.

Quantitive impact

Build a light weight NPS like score on how your network perceived every introduction you have made for an an individual.

Qualitative impact

Capture more context on how every introduction went. This helps give you more insights into what worked, what didn’t work and how you can be more helpful to your network.

Track and measure outcomes

Use intro activity and feedback data from Bridge to further track and measure outcomes.

  • Every completed talent intro between a hiring manager and a candidate can be assumed to lead to at least a 30 minute first round interview.
  • Survey hiring managers every 6 months to learn which candidates got hired and how much was saved in recruitment fees
  • Survey founders to learn what completed intros resulted in funding. Hundreds of millions on capital is being raised via Bridge intros every year
  • Understand customer wins by tracking outcomes related to successful business development and partnership introductions. Reverse engineer closed deals to identify and tag what introductions (if any) contributed to the deal.

See the bigger picture

View feedback at a group or team level. Use this to measure how helpful you and your team have been at a network, organization or group level.

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