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Intro links

Intro links (calendly for intros)

Like Calendly, Bridge helps you be more productive so that you can focus more on what matters. Building relationships and helping your network. Introlinks allow you to embed Bridge into any existing workflow and save hundreds of hours offering intros and managing opt-in workflows.

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Network while you sleep

Bridge allows you to share an intro link with anyone in your network anywhere. This allows your network to discover and request introductions inside any tool or channel at any time.

Embed intro offers

Bridge intro links can be embedded anywhere. They are short personal links like this  that are uniquely generated for each contact in your Bridge network. Each link is personal to the account that created it. These can then be embedded anywhere you can paste a weblink, places like;

  • Airtable, Sheets, Excel
  • Newsletters
  • Slack
  • WhatsApp, Telegram

Protect relationships

All intro links are sent to you to review and forward. This allows you to quickly check every intro before forwarding it, adding a personal message or asking for more context.

Export intro links in seconds

Every contact in your personal Bridge network has a unique intro link. Copy these from contact cards or export them in bulk via Groups.

Create via Zapier

Access intro links in real-time from any app using Zapier or our API. This allows you to automatically create and insert intro links as you need them.

Unlock new insights

Keep track of every interaction and introduction request that you get via Intro links. Use this data to see who in your network is in the most demand, who is requesting the most introductions and what the average feedback rates are.

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