Bridge Privacy Policy

Last updated August 6, 2020.
TLDR; You own your data. We want to be as transparent as possible. We are a product that wants to earn your trust and help you own, build and strengthen your network.

Hello there,

My name is Connor Murphy and I'm the founder of Bridge. I maintain our privacy policy so if you have any questions or ideas on how we can make the product or this document better please let me know. You can email me at any time using and you can find me online tweeting, massaging my linkedin profile and even blogging the odd time.  Please email me with any questions or comments if that is easier for you.

We are building Bridge because we believe that your network is your durable advantage. In order to harness this, we want to help you own, build and strengthen your network. This document, and our privacy values in general, are all focused on how we do that in a way that respects, and hopefully enhances, your privacy.

We think that if your network is so important to your success then it should never be owned by a 3rd party. In fact, we think it's impossible for anyone to really OWN your network. Your network is uniquely personal, so when we say 'own', what we mean is who owns the digital data, notes, interactions and other records that you use to interact with your network. Therefore we think nobody but you should own your network data.

Having said that, we will request your permission to use YOUR data at times to help you succeed. We will never ask or want to own your data. We will try to always protect your data like it's our own, but we never want to own your data. Instead, we want to OWN your trust. Eventually we will also want to earn a share of your wallet :) but that will only be for premium features as Bridge will always have a free version.

While today we are a SaaS cloud service, we envisage building more and more of our technology in a decentralised way. This does not mean blockchain (although it could) but that we will look to move more of our data access and management to your devices. For example, we plan a version that will run locally on your desktop or phone. The beauty of this would be that we would never have to access your data on our infrastructure. This would be more secure for you, cheaper for us, and not in any way hamper our mission to help you and your network succeed. We will probably need to raise some more capital before we can build out our non cloud services, so if you are a investor with some spare $$$ lying around please feel free to also drop me a message :)

Finally - we will make mistakes and we will miss things. Apologies in advance and we will work to fix these and keep you updated. We don't see privacy, data legislation, governance etc... as cost centres or a tick the box exercise. We see protecting your privacy as part of our core USP and our own durable advantage.

Best regards,
Founder and CEO.

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What information is being stored, or accessed?

What purpose is the data being collected?

What data is stored in my Bridge account?

Who owns the data stored in my Bridge account?

What happens to my data when I delete my account?

Where is my data stored?

Is my data secure?

Can I store my data locally?

What data does Bridge own?

What usage data do you store?

What third party data vendors do you use?

What Google account and contacts information do you use?


Do you use email tracking pixels?

Do you track how people use the app?


Where are you based?

Do you sell my data?

Will the privacy policy change?

What are my rights in relation to my Personal Data?

By using Bridge, you may exercise the following rights that are related to your personal data and under the GDPR:

The right to refuse to provide your personal data - The voluntary Personal Data you provide to us is an integral part of your use of Bridge. You can choose to forego the provision of that data, but you will be restricted from using our services.

The right to access and modify your personal data - Through your use of Bridge, you can access and amend your own data at any time. As well as adding, editing and deleting other Bridge data like your intros, etc..

The right to be forgotten - You can manually delete your account by clicking Delete my account on your Profile page at any time. See the “What happens to my data when I delete my account?” section below to learn more about the deletion process.

The right to obtain your personal data - Upon request, we will provide a data export of all your data stored in our system. If you wish to receive an export of your data, or have any problems deleting your account, please contact us at

The right to submit a complaint - If you have a complaint about the way in which your Personal Data is handled, please contact us at After submitting a complaint, we will reply within five (5) business days to confirm that we have received your complaint. After receiving your complaint, we will investigate it and provide you with our response within two (2) weeks (if not sooner).

The right to submit a complaint with a data protection authority - If you are a resident of the European Union, and you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint submitted to us, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority.

Privacy Shield

Bridge is committed to the Privacy Shield Principles that all personal data received from the EU in will be compliant with the EU-US Privacy Shield requirements. To learn more about the Privacy Shield program visit, and to view certification lists, please visit

Privacy Shield Principles

1. and 2. Notice and Choice

Our Privacy Policy describes how we use Personal Data we receive from different sources. This Privacy Shield Policy describes how we process Personal Data covered by the Privacy Shield.

If you are a User, Bridge may act as an agent for you in relation to the Personal Data that you provide or make available to Bridge. Bridge usually will not have a relationship with your Network. Here, the User is responsible for ensuring that your Network is provided with appropriate notice and choice with respect to their Personal Data.

3. Data Integrity and Purpose Limitation

We only collect Personal Data that is relevant to providing our Services. We process Personal Data compatible with us providing the Services or as otherwise notified to you. We take reasonable steps to ensure that the Personal Data received under the Privacy Shield is needed for Bridge's Services, accurate, complete, and current.

4. Accountability for Onward Transfers

This Policy describe how Bridge shares Personal Data.

Except as permitted or required by applicable law and in accordance with Bridge’s role as a controller or processor, Bridge provides EEA/UK/CH Consumers with an opportunity to opt out of sharing their Personal Data with third-party controllers.

Bridge may disclose Personal Data to trusted third parties as indicated in the Privacy Policy without offering an opportunity to opt out. Bridge trys to ensure that its agents and service providers that have access to Personal Data within the scope of this Privacy Policy provide the same level of protection as required by the Privacy Shield Principles.

We may also need to disclose Personal Data in response to lawful requests by public authorities, for law enforcement or national security reasons, or when such action is necessary to comply with a judicial proceeding or court order, or when otherwise required by law. We do not offer an opportunity to opt out from this category of disclosure.

5. Data Security

We use reasonable and appropriate physical, electronic, and administrative safeguards to protect Personal Data from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction, taking into account the nature of the Personal Data and the risks involved in processing that information.

6. Access to Personal Data

Our Privacy Policy explains how you may access and/or submit requests to review, correct, update, suppress, or delete Personal Data. You can ask to review and correct Personal Data that we maintain about you by sending a written request to . We may limit or deny access to Personal Data where providing such access is unreasonably burdensome, expensive under the circumstances, or as otherwise permitted by the Privacy Shield Principles.

When Bridge acts on behalf of its Users, Bridge will assist Users in responding to individuals exercising their rights under the Privacy Shield Principles.

If you are a Contact of a User, please contact the User directly with your request to access or limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Data. If you contact us with the name of the User to which you provided your Personal Data, we will refer your request to that User and support them in responding to your access request.

7. Recourse, Enforcement and Dispute Resolution

If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us. We will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes regarding use and disclosure of Personal Data in accordance with the Privacy Shield Principles.

In the event we are unable to resolve your concern, you may contact the Irish Data Protection Commissioner  and they will investigate and assist you.