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Communities are built on connections. Help your community thrive by making it easy to discover, connect and build relationships. Manage your growing community on one custom network platform.

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The best communities close relationship gaps

We’re a network platform that is transforming how communities think about collaboration and member engagement.

An exceptional member experience

  • Design, develop and deliver an exceptional member journey from end to end including on-boarding, off-boarding and all elements of the member experience in between
  • Provide members 24/7 community access to dynamic member directories
  • Drive the growth of the community by staying on top of best practices to ultimately drive your members' success and happiness.

Bring members together

  • Foster a sense of belonging between members and find meaningful ways to bring them together
  • Help members navigate the various resources available to them within the community, including recommending connections to other members
  • Help members to share directly with each other

Connect members with opportunities

  • When appropriate, build and share curated groups based on member needs
  • Enhance internal communications including member email newsletter and Slack/Google Groups to ensure members are aware of community changes and opportunties

Work cross-functionally

  • Work cross-functionally with other internal team to ensure smooth member experience from an operational standpoint.
  • Integrate community insights and data with product, sales and growth initiatives.

Shape community strategy

  • Collect member insights that enables you to know your community better and obtain buy-in from key internal stakeholders
  • Track and share engagement metrics that enable the broader community team to be more data driven in their work.
  • Develop feedback loops so you can continue to best serve the needs of your members.
  • Identify needs and trends that resonate with your community.
  • Measure and report the ROI/outcomes of community engagements with members, key stakeholders, and partners (including NPS, sentiment, etc.)

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