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Intro opt-ins

Intro opt-ins

Opt-ins are at the heart of so may introduction flows. We know that every relationship and every introduction is unique. This is why we’ve designed a number of customizable introduction flows based on the most popular intro flows you’ve shared with us.

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Make personal intros in seconds

Save time with personalized templates, automatically saved snippets and tracking. No more tracking email threads or forgetting to followup.

Protect relationships with opt-ins

Protect relationships with easy opt-in flows. Double opt-in intros allow you to protect everyones time and ensure that everyone has the context and control they need to have a great first impression.

No more copy and pasting

Bridge automatically remembers what you wrote in previous introductions so that you can easily re-use snippets.

Customize your templates to fit your personal style and needs.

No more back-and-forth emails

Bridge automates all the back-and-forth emails saving you hundreds of hours per year.

Save time keeping track of every intro, sending reminders and managing opt-ins. Bridge streamlines the whole intro workflow so that you can focus more on building relationships.

Bridge can send reminders, request feedback and automatically complete introductions once all the opt-ins have been received.

Avoid being the bottleneck and never worry about being the bottleneck.

Automatically track and share with your team

Bridge allows your team to share and track all the introductions you are making for your community. This helps you and your team to understand your collective impact and see who on your team is interacting with whom.

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