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You helped your network hire 42 people last quarter saving them $585K in recruiter fees

Your community connected 7.3k people last quarter

Your portfolio companies raised $127M last year

Your community connected 7.3k people last quarter

Your portfolio companies raised $127M last year

Communities and connectors trust Bridge

We’ve been using Bridge to connect investors to our founders for our pitch sessions. It’s been a big hit.

Kate Brodock

Bridge was to me the actual missing piece in the ecosystem.

Clarisse Hagège

I’m by no means a classic “networker” but that’s exactly where having Bridge in my browser provides opportunity for meaningful connections.

Benedikt Lehnert

In this past week, Bridge has helped create an additional 50+ meetings between founders and investors. Imagine that over the course of a year.

Kevin Liu

I absolutely love using Bridge. Just having to do a couple of manual intros made me appreciate it even more.

Elizabeth Corse
Tech Nation

I’ve never loved a piece of software before in my life, so I’m settling into a new feeling.

Yuval Yarden

Bridge is literally making me a better investor.

Zoe Schlag
Schmidt Futures

This has become my favorite app this year. It makes it so much easier to facilitate and keep track of introductions.

David Berkowitz
Serial Marketers

Bridge has become an absolutely indispensable app for all my business introductions.

Alex Iskold
2048 Ventures
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Connect people like never before

See relationships previously hidden in your network

Help your community see who they know and who can help, all updated automatically as your network evolves.

Protect relationships with ease

Bridge manages all the opt-ins, followups and admin so you can focus on adding personal touches, context and vouches to every intro.

Understand outcomes from every connection you make

Receive feedback automatically and learn if you’re building or burning bridges.

Never lose track or forget to followup

Stay in the loop with automatic todos, organized intros, and optional feedback requests and reminders.

Unlock serendipity and opportunities effortlessly

Bump into your network as you browse the web, and access customers, investors and talent from anywhere.

Measure what matters

See what was previously invisible, unlock new insights, KPIs and OKRs and understand the power of your network.

Scale your impact

Automatically maintain and organize your network, understand how your network changes as it grows and keep track of every relationship and interaction.