The human internet

Last updated July 22, 2019.

Bridge is the world's largest peer-to-peer professional network with hundreds of millions of relationships shared directly between our members. Our goal is to build human connection.

Why we started

At the core of our mission lies a belief that human connections are the key to happiness, wealth, and productivity. Regrettably, organizing, searching, and sharing connections on a large scale remain challenging. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful goal: to address this issue by simplifying the process of searching for and sharing human connections. Bridge is dedicated to pioneering a revolutionary online connection experience, redefining it as the Human Internet. We are driven by the vision of creating a seamless platform that facilitates meaningful human interactions with ease.

Why now

No wonder cities have continued to grow. When we move to a city within an urban system that is twice as large, we become, on average, 15% more wealthy, more productive, more creative… a remarkable outcome manifested in the emergent behavior resulting from human interaction and social networking!

Geoffrey West
 talking about "Scaling: The surprising mathematics of life and civilization"

As remote work becomes the norm, we have fewer opportunities to bump into each other in the physical world.

By adding a new human connection layer to the internet, Bridge can help you bump into your network more while avoiding the pain of managing contacts, guessing who can help and updating CRMs.

We believe that by building the human internet we can make the digital internet more personal and more valuable.

Who are we

Like Maria, we’ve benefitted from the kindness of people who’ve opened their networks to us. This has allowed us to have been mentored and supported by some of the best leaders, founders, investors and builders in the world. We’ve been extremely lucky.

Rightly or wrongly, throughout our careers we kept seeing that network were vital at every stage of our journey.  Network was how we learnt about the best opportunities, accessed mentorship, and how we met each other and sourced our early team and users. Spot a pattern? Network and community matters 🙂

By combining all of our experience, failures, insights and networks, we’ve started Bridge to help you and your network succeed. Our goal is to help 1B professionals connect and collaborate by 2030.

Why the name Bridge

For centuries, bridges have made the world a smaller place by making it easier for people and communities to connect and collaborate. By bridging the relationship gap between people we can increase the GDP of networks while making internet business more human.

What we believe

  • We believe serendipity can and should be increased
  • We believe network value compounds
  • We believe in community-led growth
  • We believe communities are built on connections
  • We believe introductions are life-changing
  • We believe in #GiveFirst

How can I help?

Become a member today, invite the people you want to collaborate with and help each other.

If you love what we are building, then please become a customer (which professionals can expense).

Finally, let us know how else we can make the internet more human.