The best fundraising intros come from portfolio companies

Portfolio introductions are a powerful tool for standing out in fundraising. They provide credibility and relevance, as portfolio companies can vouch for startups and align them with investors' interests.

Why are portfolio introductions so powerful?

Investors receive thousands of pitches annually, so standing out is crucial. One effective method is through portfolio introductions, in which an existing portfolio company presents a startup to its investors. This approach provides both credibility and relevance, which are pivotal for success when fundraising.

Credibility is paramount in the venture ecosystem. When a VC firm's portfolio company vouches for your startup, it implicitly endorses you, making your proposal more compelling.

Relevance is also key. Portfolio companies understand their investors' preferences and can introduce startups that align with these interests. This ensures your startup isn't just another pitch, but a carefully considered proposition.

The support from portfolio introductions is invaluable. They can provide insights into VC expectations, feedback on pitches, and fundraising advice. This guidance can greatly enhance your startup's presentation.

How to quickly find intros to portfolio companies

  1. We've mapped millions of portfolio and co-investor relationships to enhance your fundraising efficiency and intelligence. You can immediately identify familiar names in an investor's portfolio and determine who can connect you to them.
  2. Search for their VC network page on Bridge using their web domain (i.e.,
  3. Click on the portfolio tab to view a list of their portfolio companies. This list is sorted by the companies to which you have the most 1st-degree connections.
  4. Click on these portfolio companies to see who you know there and who can connect you.
  5. Ask your connections at that startup who they think would be the best person at the firm to meet. If you know who you want to meet, click "Request intro".
  6. If you use Chrome, our Chrome extension allows you to instantly open the network page in Bridge.

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