Revolutionizing Intro Management: Embedding Bridge Introlinks in Newsletters

Learn how embedding Bridge Introlinks in Newsletters is revolutionizing intro management for platform and community teams

In the dynamic world of venture capital and startup ecosystems, connecting founders with the right investors, operators, and mentors is paramount. The traditional methods of managing these introductions, however, can be time-consuming and cumbersome, often requiring extensive back-and-forth communication. Enter Bridge—a game-changer in the realm of network management. By embedding Bridge introlinks in newsletters, platform teams can save countless hours and streamline the process of making valuable connections. Here’s how.

Simplifying Intro Requests with Bridge Introlinks

Seamless Integration: Bridge introlinks can be effortlessly embedded into your regular newsletters, providing a direct and intuitive way for your audience to request introductions. Whether you’re reaching out to investors, operators, or mentors, these links serve as a bridge (pun intended) between your founders and their broader community.

One-Click Requests: One of the standout features of Bridge is its simplicity for the end user. When someone clicks on an introlink, they don’t need to join the Bridge platform. Instead, they’re prompted to provide a brief explanation of why they want to meet the founder and a short bio about themselves. This information is remembered by Bridge, so any subsequent requests require just one click—no additional forms or details needed.

Intelligent Tracking and Management: For platform teams, managing intro requests can be a daunting task, especially as the number of requests grows. Bridge takes the pain out of this process by tracking all intro requests in one place. This centralized system allows teams to handle hundreds of requests efficiently, scaling their efforts without the usual administrative burden.

Benefits for Platform Teams

Time Savings: By automating the intro request and opt-in process, Bridge saves platform teams several hours per newsletter. This time can be reallocated to other critical activities, enhancing overall productivity.

Enhanced Data and Reporting: Bridge provides platform teams with valuable data that can be used to report on key performance indicators (KPIs). Teams can track the number of connections made, hiring opportunities fulfilled, and investments sourced through intros. This data-driven approach enables better strategic decisions and highlights the value the platform team brings to the table.

Real-Time Engagement Insights: Bridge’s intelligent AI assistant auto-tags the purpose of each intro, offering real-time insights into how the network is engaging with the platform. This feature allows teams to understand the types of connections being sought and made, helping to tailor future engagements and initiatives.

Bridging the Relationship Gap

Fostering Community Connections: Bridge helps close the relationship gap between founders and their wider community of investors, operators, mentors, and customers. By making the intro process seamless and efficient, Bridge ensures that founders have access to the resources and support they need to thrive.

Scalable Solutions for Growing Networks: As your portfolio grows, so too does the complexity of managing introductions. Bridge’s scalable solution ensures that no matter how large your network becomes, you can maintain the same level of personalized, high-quality connections without the logistical headaches.


Embedding Bridge introlinks in your newsletters is a powerful way to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your platform team. By simplifying the intro request process, providing valuable data, and enabling scalable network management, Bridge transforms how connections are made within the startup ecosystem. Embrace this innovative tool to not only save time but also to build stronger, more meaningful relationships across your community.

With Bridge, the future of network management is here, and it’s just one click away.


Subject: Angel Invest Collective - Dealflow Sharing - May

Hi Connor,

As per usual, this month we have 2 companies raising Pre-Seed/Seed rounds from the portfolio. If you want to chat with Simple Study and Meat Borsa, simply click on the "Connect me with..." link and I will loop you in with the founder.

Additionally, here are some specific asks from our founders who are looking for assistance from operators and mentors in our network. If you can help with any of these requests, please click on the "Connect me with..." Bridge links.


Simple Study (Series B / West Cork / EdTech) is one of the fastest-growing EdTech companies ever, with $300K MRR just 12 months after launching. Now expanding into the USA, Simple Study aims to revolutionize online education. Connect me with the founder, Phillip McKenna.

Meat Borsa (Series A / Sofia / B2B Meat Trading Marketplace) is Europe's largest B2B meat trading marketplace, with over $100M of meat traded in the last 30 days. They are currently raising a Series A round to further expand their operations. Connect me with the founder, Ivan Osmak.‍

Requests for Help

Bees & Bears (Seed / Germany / Renewable Energy Finance)

Ayes (Seed / USA / AI, Accessible Navigation)

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