How I Use Bridge as an Angel and Early Stage Investor

Discover how I leverage Bridge to streamline introductions, conduct quick due diligence, share networks, collaborate with other angels, and win deals as an angel investor.

I love backing and helping Founders. Yet I was frustrated by the lack of tools to help me scale my impact. I wanted to spend more time with founders and less time doing manual and repetitive tasks like managing email opt-ins, waiting for investor updates with asks I could help with, or keeping track of who I helped and when etc...

Thankfully, Bridge has been a game-changer for me in my role as an angel and early-stage investor.

Here's how I leverage this tool to maximize my impact and efficiency:

  1. Streamlined Introductions:
    • Double Opt-In: I always ensure double opt-in introductions to respect everyone's time and boundaries. Bridge makes managing opt-ins a breeze.
    • Speed: The platform allows me to make more intros faster, keeping my founders connected and supported.
  2. Quick Due Diligence:
    • Insightful Data: Bridge helps me gather valuable data quickly. As my friend Chris Adelsbach puts it, "I use Bridge to make lines, not dots. I can’t invest in every founder but I can try to help them. When I use Bridge, I get valuable data on whether the founder actions the introduction and the speed of action."
    • Monitoring Interactions: I can track if the people I introduce to founders take or decline the introduction, their ratings, and feedback. This gives me an edge in understanding the market and the founders' responsiveness.
  3. Network Sharing:
    • Visibility for Founders: Founders I've invested in or support can easily see my network as they browse. They can check an investor or startup website and instantly know how many people I know there.
    • Easy Access: This visibility encourages founders to reach out to me for advice, knowledge, or further intros.
  4. Collaborating with Other Angels:
    • Co-Investing: I regularly co-invest with trusted angels. Bridge helps me see who in my network might also know the startups I’m considering.
    • Competitive Edge: This collaboration helps me compete with larger firms by combining my agility with the network and data benefits typically reserved for bigger players.
  5. Winning Deals:
    • Building Trust: I can quickly build trust and rapport with potential founders by showcasing how I’ve helped my existing portfolio.
    • Proving Value: Using data from Bridge, I can prove my helpfulness by showing hundreds of introductions made to other investors, customers, and key recruits.

Bridge is an essential tool in my investment process, enabling me to support more founders, collaborate with more peers, and secure more deals with confidence.

While Bridge has a lot more to do, we're excited to already help so many Investors and Founders collaborate better by making it easier to "let me know how I can be helpful"

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